My name is Joseph and I Am:

·      The Founder and CEO of Conscious Collective
·      An Author of
6 books
·      The Creator of the Documentary “
All Is Self
·      A
Breathwork Facilitator
Yoga Teacher
Permaculture Designer

But in reality, I Am much more than that—these are just my different interests and the different roles that I play.
The Truth of who I Am is far beyond the ability of language to define.
I Am one with the Whole of Nature—as are you—and I Am devoted to helping people awaken to this Truth of our Oneness,
so that we can lead lives that are in harmony with Nature. 

When I was 16 years old, I had an awakening experience that completely transformed my life,
and from that day I have been seeking to greater understand and embody this natural state of presence and awakeness.

I began studying modern and ancient texts from the worlds traditions,
and applying the wisdom within them to my life.
I gradually expanded my search to local workshops, festivals, and events,
and as my curiosity about life grew, I focused my energy, saved my money,
and I travelled the world to experience these spiritual wisdom traditions for myself.

I travelled to Peru, where I sat in plant medicine ceremonies of Ayahuasca and San Pedro, and was introduced to the art of Permaculture.
I travelled to Guatemala, where I studied at a mystery school on Lake Atitlan, and participated in Cacao ceremonies with a local Mayan teacher.
I travelled to northern India, where I joined in Yoga Teacher Trainings, stayed in Ashrams, and explored the magic of India’s ancient traditions.
I travelled to Nepal, where I hiked in the Himalayas, and stayed in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery.
I travelled to central China, where I lived with a Taoist Master in the Wudang Mountains.
I travelled to these spiritual centers of the world in search of awakening, in search of healing, and in search of liberation—
yet everywhere I went I realized that I was stuck with my same habits, addictions, and conditioned patterns.

Travelling taught me many things, but ironically, one of the greatest realizations I had was that I never really needed to travel anywhere.
The journey of awakening is the journey within—the journey of observing our minds, observing the stories we tell ourselves, healing our emotional wounds and traumas, letting go of conditioned beliefs and mental illusions, and awakening to the Truth of life so that we can be our free and natural selves—and we can take this inner journey wherever we are.
In fact, it can only happen where we are—whether that is in Peru, China, India, United States, Europe, Africa, or wherever you are now.

Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be at this moment.
Wisdom traditions can offer many profound insights about the nature of reality,
but all great traditions and teachers will continue to point you toward your true Self.

To awaken to the Truth of who we are, we must look within ourselves,
we must let go of the mental distractions and illusions that veil us from the reality of life,
and we must open our eyes and hearts to the living energy of this moment.

When the mind is quiet, our true nature reveals itself as pure presence; pure awareness; pure beingness. Of course these are only words, and words can never accurately convey the Truth that is beyond words. (If you are curious to know more, read my book “The Answer Is YOU” or watch my Documentary “All Is Self”)

I am still in the process of embodying this truth of Who I Am—of who we are—taking that journey from person to Presence, from the mental illusion of self to the natural awareness that is the true Self within all. I am letting go of conditioned patterns and the programming of society, healing and forgiving the traumas of the past, and learning how to truly live harmoniously on this Earth—and I am sharing my journey and the wisdom I receive with whoever else feels called to awaken to the Truth of reality.

Currently, I am living on Orcas Island, studying Permaculture at the Bullock Brother’s Permaculture Homestead, and I feel very clear about my vision and mission here on this Earth, while remembering to enjoy the process as this journey unfolds.

If you are interested, you can read about my mission,
and if it resonates with you, you can help to support me in bringing this vision to life.

On this website, as well as my other website, you can find plenty of resources to help you on your journey of awakening, and if you feel called, I am happy to work with you One on One.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about my journey.
May you awaken to the truth of our Oneness, and may this truth inspire you to live for the benefit of all beings.

 Namaste (The Divine in me recognizes and honors The Divine in you)