“Joseph is a true healer and guide, and anyone who feels the call from spirit to work with him should. Infinite love and gratitude. Thank you, brother!”
-Danica Paulos, New York City  


The journey of awakening is a beautiful journey that leads one to greater understanding, freedom, and happiness—but in order to reach this, we first need to observe our minds and let go of the conditioned patterns and habits that keep us ignorant, limited, and unhappy. We need to inquire into our beliefs and question the nature of who we are. We must heal the emotional wounds that cause us to suffer, so that we can live freely and openly in the present moment. We are already inherently free, but the conditioning of the mind veils us from our inherent freedom by causing us to think, feel, and act in ways that cause us suffering.

Throughout our lives we have unknowingly set up many internal mechanisms of protection that keep us guarded, tense, and afraid of opening up. These inner walls were put up as a means of protecting us from traumatizing experiences, and they originated because of traumatizing experiences in the past. While we feel that our inner barriers may offer protection, they are really limiting us from experiencing the joy, freedom, and love that comes from having a relaxed mind and open heart. They make us feel like we need to constantly guard ourselves, and live in fear of judgment as a means of protecting our self-image, our reputation, and our physical well-being—essentially, they cause us to suffer by keeping us in fear of life.

To liberate ourselves from these patterns and become free of our conditioning, we need to become aware of what is going on within us—we need to face our shadow and do the inner work of transformation, and we must discover the true essence of who we are, so that we can shift our perspective of life and experience reality as it truly is. We need to look at these barriers that exist within us, see why they were put up, acknowledge the experience(s) that caused us to feel as if we need to fear life, and do the inner work necessary to forgive these situations, let go of these trapped emotions and limiting beliefs, and open our hearts and minds fully to life so that we may be our free, natural, and limitless selves.

Everyone wants happiness—but not everyone wants to acknowledge and change the patterns that keep them miserable. Without realizing it, most of us are strongly identified with the things that keep us in misery, simply because we are familiar with them, and are resistant to the discomfort that can come with change. True transformation requires inner work to heal the emotional wounds that are at the root of our thought patterns. It requires that we notice how we are resisting life, and learn how to accept, allow, and open up to reality—rather than resisting it or seeking to escape it. True transformation requires honesty with ourselves, inquiry into the nature of our minds, connection to our hearts and our emotions, responsibility for our actions, and the personal decision to act in ways that serve and honor our being rather than harm and neglect it.

The journey of awakening is beautiful, but it can also be a very difficult journey at times—as it calls us to be radically honest with ourselves, to be responsible for our lives, and to go to the places within ourselves that are often uncomfortable and unknown. The good news is, we can receive care and support on our journey of awakening. While it is a journey we must travel individually—as it requires us to go within ourselves—to receive assistance from friends and guides who are also on the path can make a tremendous difference.

If you feel the need to receive help from a friend on the path, I am here to offer my total love and attention to helping you however I can. I am here to listen, to understand, and to offer what I can to assist you on your personal journey of healing and awakening. Feel free to reach out to me via email, and we can discuss your process and schedule a time for a consultation.

I wish you nothing but love, happiness, and freedom!
May we all let go of what no longer serves us.
May we awaken to the truth of who we are.
May we fearlessly open our hearts and experience the beauty of life.




Consultations are $70-100 USD Sliding Scale for a 1-hour session